What is itatch?

The Itatch is a lanyard, which you wear around your neck, with a suction cup on the end that holds your iPhone, iPod or other smartphone device. Ideal for college students, doctors, or anyone who is tired of dropping their phone, the secure suction cup design prevents the need for costly repair and replacement. Available in Black with White text.
Custom Orders Also Available

Keep Your iPhone, iPod or Smartphone at your fingertips

iTatch for iPhones/iPods Puppy Anchor EBook Anchor Merchandise

iTatch is a lanyard with a suction cup attachment which holds an iPhone or iPod.

iTatch Puppy Anchor allows you to safely secure your pet indoors and out.


iTatch EBook Anchor keeps your EBook or iPad secure while reading or sleeping.

iTatch T-Shirt and cap made with the iTatch logo on the front and back.